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Servando Hinojosa received his B.S. in art education and his M.A. in Bi-culture ad Bi-lingual Education from Texas A&I University now Texas A&M University Kingsville. During his 34 years as an art educator, he explored a variety of art media and created many works of art. He has been commissioned to illustrate books such as the fourth volume of "Stories That Must Not Die", bilingual (Spanish/English) novel "Across the River" in black and white by Dr. Juan Sauvageau. Eight stories of his four volumes were chosen to be done into filmstrips and movies in full color and Mr. Hinojosa was commissioned to illustrate them. Other books he has illustrated are the award winning book by Dr. Andres Tijerina "Tejano Empire", "Healing By Hand" by Drs. Oths and Hinojosa, book jacket for "Llanos Mesteños" by Agnes Grimm, the cover for the Goliad, Texas pamphlet "Two Hundred Years At La Bahia", and a children's book by Mary Dru Burns. Other illustrations have been for Texas archeologists and anthropologists.

Mr. Hinojosa is multi-talented and has created black and white prints on a variety of historical, cultural themes (Tejano Art, vaquero, cowboy, etc.) His latest is a series on Catarino Garza a south Texas folk hero. He has also been commissioned to create a variety of oil and acrylic paintings, portraits and murals, some still underway. He created historical colorful detailed poster/paintings of Texas and the USA.

As an art teacher he guided his art classes into creating the biggest abstract sculpture using toothpicks as a medium and came out in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2002.

Mr. Hinojosa and his brother Octavio are co-inventors and have three patents in the field of pre finished insulated wall panels and a new dry wall technique.

Mr. Hinojosa is also a sculptor and has worked in clay and fiber glass. Lately he has started to work on flat metal sculptures. He and Mr. John Farias, a mechanical engineer and an artist, co-created a cultural large municipal flat metal sculpture "Alicia Y Juan" 9'x12' for the city of Alice, Texas. Both received a proclamation during the unveiling on September 5, 2008.

Presently Mr. Hinojosa is in full swing creating/designing a new concept of flat metal sculpture for home, ranch, businesses, municipalities, stadiums, pick-up trucks and sport arenas. His style is unique. His sculptures can be only metal or a combination of metal, colored glass and internal light. He believes some sculptures should be interesting, colorful, radiant and enjoyed day or night. His works can be realistic or abstract. He also has a new concept of what he coined "sculpto-murals". These will consist of large flat metal sculptures depicting the history of cities, counties, or states. These can be located in strategic locations where the public can enjoy them from either side night or day for they will be colorfully illuminated from within.

Mr. Hinojosa was awarded the distinguished "Tejano Heritage Award" by Texas A&M - Kingsville on October 9, 2008.

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